June 6, 2014

What's In Your Purse?

Hey Dolls!!

Lucky me, I was selected to be a participant in the "What's in your purse?" campaign!!  I think this is a cool idea to gauge a lot of things about women and what things they feel are important to have with them at all times.  So when the lovely people at Credit Card Insider reached out to me, I was honored and gladly accepted.  I'm gonna count this as a Finance Friday post just because of who I'm doing this for, LOL!!
As far as purses go, I don't know about you Dolls, but I'm a bit of a frequent purse switcher even on vacations.  I switch out my everyday bags as well as evening and special ocassion bags.  One rule with that is I always take out the essentials and switch them from purse to purse.  It can get tricky with the special occasion and evening bags because they usually aren't big enough or built for everyday use so everything doesn't always fit.  The good thing about that is, usually those purses are only put to use for a few hours at a time. 

The purse I have been carrying for the past few days has been this fabulous Juicy Couture purse I scored at one of the Orlando Outlet Malls during their going out of business sale  Alright, enough about my purse and all its fabulousness. Let's get to the "What's In Your Purse? Campaign!
The rules were very simple:  talk about 5-10 items you keep with you in your purse at all times and why.  With that being said...here we go!
1.   My Wallet - Of course this is an essential item to my purse because this holds the majority of the most important things that are must haves on a daily basis for me.  Of course like everybody else my wallet contains my Driver's License and Debit Card but I also include my college ID (I have NEVER stopped carrying it), Health Insurance Cards, Car Insurance Cards, 2 Personal Credit Cards, 1 Company Credit Card and a few rewards cards from retailers I frequent.  Ironically I have two dollar bills in my wallet which is rare for me because I literally NEVER CARRY CASH. 

2.  My MakeUp Bag - This is a must have item that I switch between purses whenever I change them.  I'm not a HUGE makeup girl but I do wear it on a consistent enough basis for it to ALWAYS be available in my purse.

3.  My Sunglasses (and Sunglasses Case)  - I live in the "Sunshine State" and if you don't know about Florida sun, let me tell you SUNGLASSES are a MUST.  This is the most current pair that I'm wearing.

4.  Trident Layers - This is my FAVORITE GUM in the whole world. I have literally had every flavor.  This pack is a Limited Edition flavor that was sold around Easter and I just took it out of my Trident Layers stash. Its delicious!

5.   Dental Floss - This is DEFINITELY a MUST in my purse!  I am fanatical about my teeth and I floss after every meal, if I don't I feel uncomfortable.  

6.   Blistex - The Blistex Brand is my "go to" for lip moisturizer. I have been using this particular formula for about 5 years now.  

7.  My Work Badge - This one is by default, LOL!!  I have to have my work badge with me all times to gain access and entry to my office complex.  

8.  My Cell Phone - I mean this is an obvious one isn't it?  I'm attached to my phone just like the majority of people these days.  I can't leave home without it

9.  My Cell Phone Charger - I take this with me EVERYWHERE!  I will plug my phone in to charge it anywhere there is an accessible outlet.If my phone is dead, I'm charging it.  

10.  Advil (Ibeuprofen) - Just in case!  You never know when you'll have a headache. I like to always have these available.  

Well, Dolls those are my essential go-to items in my purse.  I find them very simple but others may find them interesting or the reasons why I keep them in my purse interesting.  I can't wait to see what people have to say, LOL!!  I have to say thanks again to Erin from Credit Card Insider for selecting me as a participant.  "What's In Your Purse?"