August 12, 2014


Hey Dolls!!

Do you like my goofy little play on words in the title of today’s post?  LOL!!  I know its corny, but I couldn’t resist.  As you all know by now RED is my favorite color so any opportunity that I get to wear it I definitely do.  Today I decided to pair it with another deep color and add some leopard to it.  
I’m usually the one who wants Summer to last FOREVER, but this year I have had enough of it because its just too HOT.  I feel like this look is my cry for Fall to come like ASAP.  The colors can work in either season and thankfully this jacket is light enough that it can withstand this Florida Summer heat. 
What I’m Wearing:  Thrifted Blazer/Sapphire Studio Pants/Jessica Simpson Peep Toes/Aldo Clutch/Earrings from Beauty Supply/Betsey Johnson Ring/Juicy Couture Necklace and Bracelet
Oh and I’m sure you Dolls have also noticed that I’m back in braids.  I had to!  I needed an alternative to my normal style that can hold up during my day to day activities and my workout in this heat.  I’m not sure how long I’ll keep these in, we’ll see.  They are such a relief right now. 
This was actually an easy and carefree look.  I try and tell people that are afraid of color that it can be easy to wear.  You can add some flare to solid colors with accents like the big gold buttons on my jacket, the black faux leather stripe going down the side of my pants, and my leopard print accessories.  Whatever works for you and your style, do it!


  1. Love all of the colors and mixes. You better werk!

  2. You look Great & tropical in these colors and you wear it all very well.


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