August 20, 2014

Tropical Illusion

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well.  You ever "Dress Things Into Existence?"  LOL!!  I know you're probably laughing at me, but seriously.  This shrug I'm wearing is a direct depiction of my current mood.  See what you may not know is, my all time FAVORITE type of vacation is one in a tropical environment.  Being fresh off my Puerto Rico trip kinda has me wishing I was back in that environment.  I know you guys are probably like, but don't you live in Florida?  Yes I do, but its NOT the same.  Close, but not the same.  But hey, for now, I'll just bring the tropics to life through fashion.
I found this beautiful shrug last year at my local Dillard's Clearance Center.  Come to think about it, I haven't been back there since I found this (and a few other things...of course, LOL!!), I need to make my way back up in there.  But anyway, when I spotted it, I knew I had to have it.  I styled it quite simply here but with this being a layering piece this can be worn so many different ways and that is always a goal of mine when shopping...versatility.   
What I'm Wearing:  Jessica Simpson Shrug/Mossimo Tank/Forver 21 Shorts & Bracelets/Kenneth Cole Sandals/Roc-A-Wear Aviators/Flea Market Necklace/Street Vendor Earrings
I actually had fun taking these pictures.  I guess clothes can put you in a good mood.  This little shrug definitely did it for me.  So Dolls tell me, do you ever "Dress Things Into Existence"?  If you haven't done it before, do you plan to do it now?

 That's it for today Dolls, hope you enjoyed my "Tropical Illusion".

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