September 25, 2014

Hair Wars!

Hey Dolls!!

Let’s talk about hair today.  Now, I’m not a BIG hair girl, meaning I don’t enjoy doing my own hair.  I am a Beauty Shop girl!  I mean I can do my own hair if necessary but I prefer to go to a professional.  I also prefer to have a very nice and well-manicured look.  I switch it up, but not that often.  I’m so not the girl that has to have a new hairstyle every week or every other week.  The way that I change my style up is usually in the form of a haircut of some kind. Unlike alot of women I know, I have no problem getting a hair cut.  If I'm in the mood for one, SNIP...SNIP!

Now, every once in a while (especially as of late), I will do something a bit more dramatic like braids, or a sew-in.  I like to have fun with my hair, but I also like low maintenance hair.  For me, it’s just easier that way.  Plus, I truly prefer my own hair and being able to scratch and touch my own scalp. 

I wanted to take a walk down memory lane with some of my hairstyles over the years just to see how often I have changed it up.  I know most of you have only seen my hair for the past few years as I have worn it on my blog posts, so enjoy these OLD pictures of me and my hair! 

High School Senior Pictures - I threw these in just for fun.  

That was me at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion in Orlando.  My hair isn't styled the best on this picture, but I loved the hair color I had here.  Shortly after this I moved to Tampa and went through the long process of trying to find a hair stylist that I liked.  So my color pretty much grew out and I didn't make many changes to my hair in 2005 and 2006.  The in 2007, I decided to get a HAIRCUT!

I got my hair cut on a trip back home to St. Louis and I LOVED it!!  But when I got back to Tampa, I couldn't find anyone to maintain the cut like I wanted so I decided to grow my hair back.  So for the remainder of 2007 and part of 2008, I was in that in between phase.

2007 and 2008
Here is my first time getting a full sew-in.  I opted for a curly weave.  I just had to try it, LOL!  I thought it was OK.  I'm so not a weave girl so it took a lot to get comfortable with it.  

My hair actually grew back pretty fast. So you know what that means....HAIRCUT...AGAIN.  But it wasn't as drastic this time.  In August of 2008, I changed it up a bit and a longer bob and some bangs!

I wore this hairstyle pretty much throughout 2008 and 2009.  It started out as a longer bob with bangs with the back a bit shorter.  But I let that grow out and kept the bangs.  I loved this hairstyle, it was one of the best low-maintenance looks I've ever had.  The only alterations I made during this time was I wore a ponytail for my birthday in 2009 and got a wig sewn on went I went on a cruise because I don't like being bothered with my hair on vacations. 

So since I didn't do much altering to my hair or my look during those few years, I was in the mood for a change.  I wanted some color. I decided I wanted to get my hair dyed.  That was a BIG mistake!  Huge disaster.  I know some say you shouldn't dye relaxed hair, but my stylist in Tallahassee did it before and I NEVER ever had a problem.  I wore it for years. But this time my HAIR fell out forcing me to get weave to cover up the horrible disaster it turned out to be. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  The beginning of 2010 was not a cute hair year for me.

That's my hair on one side and weave and the weave is on the other side covering up the places where the hair came out.  It came out in random spots.  Then finally in July, I decided to get it cut into the asymmetrical look with one shaved side.  I never wanted this look, EVER! But when I got it, it looked nice on me so I kept it for the remainder of 2010.
Then came 2011 and I decided I was sick of that asymmetrical look.  Besides my hair was growing back and when you have a haircut like that the in between phase is hard to maintain in a way that I think is cute, so I got my hair cut in a style that I had been wanting for years in January 2011.

That is the look that I had when I first started blogging so most of you Dolls are very familiar with seeing me this way.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this haircut!  Its so easy to maintain and makes a statement.  I rocked this look for all of 2011, only sewing on a wig when I went to Jamaica for my Birthday.
It also grew a bit longer of course during certain parts of the year and I would style it a little differently but not too much.  
In 2012, I just let the bowl cut get longer and rocked it like this pretty much the whole year until it grew out of the bowl cut style completely. I rocked a few weave looks in 2012 as well.  
So towards the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 my hair was just in this blah in between stage.  I wasn't sure what my next hair move was going to be.  So in 2013 I went from blah to braids!  

Then once I took the braids out, I went and got a sew-in.  My first professionally done sew-in.  I loved it and the ombre effect!
Then after the sew-in I gave my hair a break and it went back to blah for me in the remainder of 2013.  So in the beginning of 2014, I cut it all off AGAIN, LOL!!

Then when my hair started growing out of that haircut, I started getting braids again.  
 Took those braids out really quick and got this sew-in.
 After that sew in- I got another wig sewn on for my trip to Puerto Rico.
After this wig, I got me some small cornrows.  
Now, my most recent look is the thicker cornrows I'm rocking right now. Dolls I have no idea what my next hair move is going to be. But we shall see.
WOW!!  I didn't realize that I have changed my hair this much over the years.  This post is very eye opening for me.  So Dolls, how have you rocked your hair over the years?  What is your absolute favorite style on you in the last 10 years? 


  1. Girl you rocked the heck out of each and every one of those hair styles! Not many can do that. xoAndra

    1. Thanks so much Andra! I didn't realize I'd even made that many changes until this post. LOL!


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