October 3, 2014

Quirky Fashion

Hey Dolls!!

What type of Fashionista would you consider yourself to be?  Fashionistas can and have been categorized in so many different ways and I love the variety.  I for one consider myself to be a Classic/Traditional Trendsetter with Edge.  I know you’re wondering how in the world did I come up with that.  Well…I would say so because I like to change it up but the majority of my looks and pieces fit into those few categories.  I can be very Classic and Traditional.  I love trends and try them out when they interest me.  I also like to add something unexpected to my looks from time to time so that is where I get the edge. 

Today I want to talk about some things I consider to be “Quirky Fashion”.  I am so not a Quirky Fashionista by any means but I love seeing the style tactics of a Quirky Fashionista.  Everything doesn’t work for everybody but when it does work it’s oh so good! 

Check out some of these Quirky yet Fashionable looks. 
Fashion Week has provided the world with some more quirky and fashionable pieces and they have been popping up all over the runways in the past few weeks.  Designer Anya Hindmarch gave American Supermarkets something to aspire to with her collection of Kellogg’s themed bags at London Fashion Week. 
She also included these unique bags to her runway show. 
Anya isn’t the only designer providing the unexpected on the runway.  Jeremy Scott shared his McDonald’s themed collection at Moschino Fashion Week 2014 Runway Show in Milan. 
Like I said, when it works, it works.  Now I decided to go seek out some quirky fashionable pieces that may work for me.   For me, I can’t pull off Full Out Quirky, but I can definitely play around with some fun pieces here and there.  Here are some Quirky pieces I have my eye on:

Keybag, Joao Sablno $225
Soft Serve You Well Bag, Mod Cloth $40
Telephone Bag, Ebay $53
Pineapple Bag, ASOS $57
Domino Rally Resin Clutch, Go Jane 
Hello Shanghai Cruz, Kate Spade $348
Shelling Out Bag, Nasty Gal $45
Boxing Glove Wristlet, Betsey Johnson $58
Red Dice Bag, LuLu Guinness $435

These pieces are Fashionably Quirky if I do say so myself.  At this point, this is about as far as I’m willing to take my quirkiness in the fashion department right now.  I figure starting with accessories is a great place because they are easily removable.  But who knows, if these fabulous designers continue to crank out these stylish pieces I may venture out even further and fashionably embrace my inner child.  How about you Dolls, are you ready to give this a whirl?

*Images via Google Images and backlinked websites


  1. love all these, i adore the moschino mcdonalds range, i have the iPhone cover and love it, so much fun!


  2. the moschino/mcdonalds stuff is SO fun but I just can't get over the price!!

    Thanks for visiting Pursuit!

    Pursuit of Shoes

    1. I agree Ashley! They are pretty pricey. That is why I included some cute low price options.

  3. Pretty cool!! the bags are super cute..=)

  4. Beautiful! Hope you'll stop by my blog & follow along!


    1. Thanks Olia! I'm heading over to your blog now.

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