November 3, 2014

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week 2014 Featuring: Psyche - The Economy Of Style

Hey Dolls!!

This year’s Blogger Inspired Fashion Week has officially begun!!  I am starting this year off with the chic and classy Psyche from Economy of Style.  So I’m not sure if all of you know but my hometown is St. Louis, Missouri and that is where Psyche resides now but that is not how I came across her fabulous blog.  A while ago, I was doing a search for bloggers who incorporated anything related to personal finances in their blogs and I discovered Economy of Style and I’ve been a fan and follower ever since.  I must say that Psyche’s style is very polished and sophisticated and I love that!
I also love that she, like I found a happy medium to combine what she does for a living and her love for fashion and share it with the world.  The name of her blog The Economy of Style was created by Psyche in 2007, a time when the dominant voices in fashion coverage rarely mentioned prices and discounts. The blog strives to stimulate discussions about budgets and the economics of making desires fit within budgets because cost presents a very real issue for women.  So you guys can pretty much tell I love EVERYTHING about the motto of her blog. 
In regards to Psyche’s fashion sense, my favorite things about Psyche’s style is how dolled up and sophisticated she always looks in her pictures.  Her pictures are fabulous and of course, I can’t get enough of the beautiful shots she takes with the landscape of my hometown St. Louis in the background!  Color me homesick, but I digress. It’s such a pleasure to find a blog that can inspire you in multiple ways and The Economy of Style does just that.
Want more of Psyche and her style, read her interview below: 

Name: Psyche Southwell

Age (optional): 35

Full Time Career: Researcher

Tell Me and My Readers a little bit about yourself and your background: I’m a researcher living in St. Louis, but born and raised in St. Kitts.

How would you describe your signature style? My style is classic, but I love to experiment with color, print, and texture. I’m drawn to clothing that’s refined, relaxed, and versatile.

How do you go about creating an outfit or look? I start with a base item and build around it.

What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate? Lately, it’s my newly toned arms.

Do you have any Fashion Challenges?  A crucial mission of my blog is to maximize my style on a budget. So, I’m always striving to get the best prices possible for every item I acquire.

What are your FAVORITE places to shop? J.Crew, Anthropologie, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands? Tracy Reese, Shan Keith (from St. Louis), Doreen Mashika, Kate Spade

Is there a Fall/Winter trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe? The complex geometric prints have my name all over them.

Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere? I was drawn to an activity and field that allowed me to combine my interests in economics, fashion, and artistic expression.

What thing(s) sets your blog apart from other blogs?  My extended conversations about budgets and the economics of making desires fit within budgets is a unique quality of my blog.

Where do you see your Blog a year from now? I envision producing a larger catalog of high-quality, fashion-related images that showcase style in St. Louis.

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two: I focus on economics (prices, bargain shopping, and discounts) and the possibilities of maximizing the wardrobe you have.
What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers?
  Step 1: Set skill-based goals for yourself.
  Step 2: Master those goals.
  Step 3: See step 1. 

See, I told you guys she was fabulous!  Now, choosing one of Psyche’s looks was actually fun.  Since she has been blogging for a long time, I had tons to choose from.  Don’t get it twisted that didn’t necessarily make it any easier. But it was only so hard because I had so many that I loved.  Finally, I decided on…"Restyling a Bold Red Dress” from her January 9, 2012 blog post. 
This look is super cute and so appropriate for Fall.  Psyche, I hope you like my take on your style!
 That was my first attempt at trying to recreate Psyche's pose in the inspiration picture, LOL!!
That was my second attempt, LOL!!  That one was a little bit better.  
So Dolls, how did I do?  


  1. You did amazing. "You did that"!!!

  2. FABULOUS G. Love the concept.

    1. Thanks so much Natasha!! I have so much fun with this series.

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