November 17, 2014


Hey Dolls!!

You guys have heard me whine about how living in Florida doesn’t allow much room for Winter and Fall Fashion right?  Well because of that I have come to LOVE Trench Coats.  The Trench Coat has become my favorite "Go-To" piece for layering in this climate.  Cut to my favorite trench coat in my collection!
I found this beautiful Red Trench Coat back in 2010 when I made a trip to St. Augustine (Florida) and went to an outlet mall there.  I must say that I’m so glad I decided to buy it.  It definitely makes a fabulous statement!  No matter when I wear it, I’m complimented or asked about where I found it.  I’d say it’s definitely a winner!!
What I’m Wearing:  Kenneth Cole Trench Coat/Thrifted Earrings & Necklace/Ring via Burlington Coat Factory/Tory Burch Purse/Steve Madden Sandals/Gucci Sunnies
As far as Statement Coats go, this is mine, well my FAVORITE so far in my collection anyway.  I would say that I have one more "Statement Coat" in my collection and I would love to add to it.  I have to be careful because as much as I LOVE statement coats, I don’t love them enough to make a healthy investment in something I won’t get any use out of.  
Now Dolls, of course I couldn't leave without sharing a Statement Coat that I am currently crushing.  I have had my eye on one I fell in LOVE with this year when I first saw it.  Tell me what you think.  

This Ecote Asymmetrical Blanket Coat from Urban Outfitters...I just love it and I may have to break down and buy it, but at $229 that is pricey for me because I live in Florida.  I’ll definitely be checking on it regularly to see when it goes on sale.  I have to laugh at myself on this selection because as you guys may have noticed, this coat is RED, LOL!!  I can't help myself, I just love the color RED.  But at least its not solid RED.  Now I love the color but you have to know how to add items in your wardrobe that have more depth to them if you wear the same color frequently.
Well Dolls, that's it for today.  For now I'll be waiting for Urban Outfitters to drop the price of that beautiful coat.  Until then, I'll be making a statement in my beautiful RED Kenneth Cole Trench Coat!


  1. Yes, Love the KC Trench COAT, ,, I miss that north feel of fashion. .

  2. Something about red coats are so fierce! Love your coat and the red look. That UO plaid coat is fabulous!


    1. Thanks so much Stella!! That UO coat is such a beauty, right?

  3. Just Lovely.......lovely coat on you!

    1. Thank you so much Doll!! Its my favorite in my collection..SO FAR! Ha!

  4. Now you know I love red!! looking good girl..=)
    Farrah xo

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