January 2, 2015

New Year, My Year

Happy New Year Dolls!!
2015 is here and I am HAPPY about it!  I LOVE new beginnings and the first of the year is all about it.  Ironically, in my very first outfit post on the blog in 2014 I was wearing camouflage just like I am now.  Camouflage is one of those bold prints that has become a Fashion Classic if you ask me.  Sure it has had its different waves in popularity in mainstream fashion but, I say camouflage is always in style!
The good thing about the random waves in popularity are the updates in pieces to choose from.  I remember a time when you had to be extremely creative in order to make camouflage fashionable.  With most of the pieces being traditionally masculine in structure and design, some creative styling causes camouflage to be undeniably fashionable.
Now that camouflage has become a fashion staple, its available everywhere and at every price point as well as a variety of color schemes.  Let’s take a look.
Camouflage Love
Not so rough and rugged anymore.  Now a days, you can get your hands on some feminine and flirty camouflage items.  In this post I got creative with it.  How, you ask?  Well, none of my articles of clothing are women’s clothes.  I just love this sweatshirt I found with the year I was born 1981 on it!!  My sweatshirt is a small men’s sweatshirt.  I layered that with a denim button up from the boy’s department, and my camouflage cargo shorts are from the men’s department.  Hey, sometimes its good to borrow from the boys, just feminize it to your liking. 
What I’m Wearing:  H&M Sweatshirt/Paper Denim & Cloth Denim Button Up/Iron Company Cargo Shorts/Charming Charlie Necklace/Thrifted Earrings/Juicy Couture Bracelets/Phillip Lim for Target Bag/Betsey Johnson Pumps/Gucci Sunnies
So Dolls, how do you feel about camouflage?  Hate It?  Love It?  Warming Up To It?   However you rock it…wear it well!  Here’s to 2015!


  1. Love your sweater!! =) Happy new year doll!!..xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Farrah! I love it too! That is the year I was born! Happy New Year to You Doll!!

  2. Love the look! Happy New Year!

  3. I don't like it xD
    Is too masculine.

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