January 27, 2015


Hey Dolls!!

Do you have that pair of jeans that you've broken in and you feel that they're they most comfortable things on earth?  If not, I suggest you get to work on it, cause I already have my pair! Today I am rocking the most comfortable pair of jeans I own (so far).  They're nothing special, just some good old faithfuls from The Gap, who by the way is one of my favorite reasonably priced retailers for quality, long lasting basics. 
I decided to pair them with this lady-like tassel printed blouse I picked up thrifting a while back to "jazz up" my jeans and tone down the blouse.  I think the roughness of my jeans and the softness in the blouse balances this look quite nicely.  This is one of those "Perfect for Saturday" looks.
What I'm Wearing:  Thrifted Blouse/Gap Jeans/Steve Madden T-Strap Pumps/Target Tassel Earrings/R.J. Graziano Bracelet/Ring via Burlington Coat Factory
I'm trying to work a bit more on my photography skills Dolls. Taking my own pics can definitely be trying, but I'm working through it...eh...the life of a blogger, LOL!  But I'm practicing on getting different angles, close ups and details.  They are coming out a little better but I'm in the market for a new camera. I haven't decided on what brand yet.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.
I really love the vibrant colors in this blouse.  This will definitely be getting a lot more wear by me.  That's all for now Dolls! Be Well! 


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