February 17, 2015

The Bloggers' Ball Photoshoot!

Hey Dolls!!

If you've been following my blog and instagram, you have seen me share some news about the upcoming Bloggers' Ball 2015!!  Here's a closer look on why you can't afford to miss this spectacular event "For Bloggers, By Bloggers"!  I had a ball (no pun intended, LOL) with my fellow Blogger Babes and Co-Hosts shooting promo for this one of a kind event.  Check us out Dolls!   Oh, and see you there.

Dolls, The Bloggers' Ball is the Grand Finale to an "Eye On Fashion" filled weekend.  Here is the rundown below.
:::April 16th - April 18th:::
Thursday:  The Men's Collection Fashion Show
Friday:  Eye on Fashion - Stylist Competition
Saturday:  The Bloggers' Ball

Get your tickets and extra event details here! 


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