March 6, 2015

Finance Friday - The Denim Dress

Hey Dolls!!
One thing that will never go out of style in my opinion is denim.  Denim has been around forever and is here to stay.  Popularized by teenagers in the 1950's, denim has now become widely acceptable and today you can find denim everywhere from fashion to décor.  I for one am currently coveting The Denim DressThe Denim Dress is sort of a new classic that continuously becomes revamped as it fades in and out of popularity. 
So for some time now, I have been on the hunt for a few cute denim dresses.  I say a few, because I would like to add multiple denim dresses to my wardrobe in varying lengths, styles, and washes of course.  Little did I know that the cute little denim dresses I was coveting not only come in varying lengths, styles, and washes, they also come in varying price points.  But Dolls, you know me, I love to look fashionable, but I will hunt or a bargain or wait for what I really want to drop to a price in my shopping budget.  I am all about Financial Awareness as you know, so that means I respect my budget and within my budgeting constraints, I delegate my fashion choices accordingly.  I'm also aware that everyone's budget and spending doesn't fall into the same constraints as mine.  With that in mind, I provided a few offerings for fashionistas at every price point.  Let's head to the racks Dolls!

I like to provide examples to illustrate that you truly can be Fashionable and Financially Aware Dolls!  So tell me, which Denim Dress suits your fancy?  More importantly, which one is in your budget? 


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