April 24, 2015

Eye On Fashion - Stylist Competition

Hey Dolls!!

We're continuing with coverage of The Fashion Movement's Eye on Fashion Weekend.  So after Thursday night's successful Men's Collection Showcase, the 3rd annual Fashion Stylist Competition was held on Friday night.  This Fashion Stylist Competition is The Fashion Movement's way of showing respect for the sometimes downplayed role of the fashion stylist by highlighting the extreme significance of the role.  The elegant and chic venue "The Vault" made the perfect backdrop for these individually unique stylists to showcase their personal styling skills, competition style.  The four competing stylists of the evening show that the representation of the fashion stylist is just important to the red carpet darling as it is to the girls and guys next door.
The Competing Stylists
Nikki Ellis - Oldsmar, FL
Stephon Kelly - Tuscaloosa, AL
Katie Brinson - Tampa, FL
Steven Smith - West Palm Beach, FL
The Rules
All competing stylists must present a pre-styled look on a dress form, a selection of runway looks, and one final look that is styled LIVE on the runway in front of the judges and viewing audience from a surprise grab bag of items provided by Fresh Threads Designer Consignment. 

The Prizes
The winner with "The EYE on Fashion", will receive a cash prize of $550.00, the winner’s plaque and a $100.00 gift certificate courtesy of Fresh Threads Consignment Warehouse .  The remaining stylists will receive a personal plaque and a $50.00 gift certificate from Fresh Threads Consignment Warehouse.
My girl Juli, Owner  - Fresh Threads

The Esteemed Judges
This year's judges have a vast set of skills in the fashion industry.  We have Boutique Owner Desiree Noisette of Cerulean Blu Boutique, Fashion Designer and Stylist Glenroy March of House of D'Marsh, and Manager of On Air Looks at HSN Eletha  "Lee" Theodade.

The Benefiting Charity
T.O.R.C.H. Inc., an acronym for Taking Opportunities To Reach Compelling Heights.  Their mission: to educate, enlighten, and empower, young women to ignite and reach their full potential while becoming productive community  citizens.

The Hostess
The lovely and talented Shayla Reaves from Fox 13 was our awesome hostess for the evening.

The People

Chocolatier Viktoria Richards
Drea & B - The Stuff Show
Blogger, Jenn Thai

The Fabulous Bloggers' Ball Babes
Me and one of my Blogger Boos - Farrah Estrella:  Estrella Fashion Report 
This is quite possibly my FAVORITE photo of the night.  Pint-Sized Photographer Madison - Photos by Madison, doing her thang!!  Don't let her size and age fool you, she is a professional honey!
Blogger Natasha - Fashionably Fabulous, Shola - Shoe Designer, myself and my amazing Mama!
The Show
As you can probably tell by how many photos I included, this was one of my favorite looks of the night!!
Bloggers' Ball co-host Michelle setting the tone for the Ball
Guess the pre-styled looks...
My absolute FAVORITE look of the night!!
The Winner
Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant Katie Brinson took home the coveted crown for the 3rd Annual Eye on Fashion Stylist Competition.  Congratulations Doll!!  Be sure to check her out Dolls.
What I'm Wearing:  Gianni Bini Dress/Forever 21 Earrings and Necklace/Steve Madden Pumps/Old Navy Ring/Aldo Clutch

Photo Credits:  Jose Gomez, Gomez Innovations, Inc.; Sergii Lakhno; Broadway Photography; Estrella Fashion Report


  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Genelle! Hope to run into you again soon! xx

    Jenn | www.thisjenngirl.com

    1. No problem Doll!! We'll definitely have to link up soon!

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