May 14, 2015

The Woman in Red

Hey Dolls!!

You Dolls know that RED is my FAVORITE color right?  Crazy part about that is, I don't have as much of it in my wardrobe as you would think.  I used to be like completely obsessed with wearing RED like EVERYDAY. No joke, in high school I incorporated the color into my wardrobe almost daily. So much so that my Mother used to joke and say that I bet people think I don't buy you any clothes and you wear the same stuff over and over again, LOL!!  Now, as an adult I am at the point where I feel like I need to start adding more red back into my wardrobe.  But nowadays my taste in pieces are much more wiser and well thought out in comparison to the style choices I made in my teens.
Recently, the lovely people at BooHoo reached out to me to participate in their "Throwback Thursday" Campaign.  Now, I have to tell you that My FAVORITE Fashion era of all time is the 90's but for this challenge I decided to go all the way back to the 50's with it. To me there was always something glamorous about the full midi skirt style adorned by the 50's Housewives I saw in images, television shows, and movies.  One of my favorite looks was the Cocktail Dress that I typically saw worn when there was a moment that the 50's Housewife entertained guests for a Dinner Party.  I just thought it was the cutest thing to see women this dressed up while entertaining at home. So Dolls, as you probably guessed it, I decided to go for a piece inspired by the Glamorous Portrayal of the 50's Housewife
Like I mentioned before, I have become more selective with the RED pieces I'm adding to my wardrobe.  I think that this dress is a perfect choice for me, because I love classic pieces that I can add my own personal flare to.  I can see myself taking this look from classic to edgy.
Dolls, I must say that BooHoo is one of those online stores that I've always said I would order something from, but never got around to it.  But, participating in this campaign truly made me a fan of their product line.  The dress I chose is a very well-made good quality piece and there was nothing off with the size, fit or design in comparison to the images online (because you know that is part of the resistance with online shopping).  Based on this dress, I would highly recommend shopping with BooHoo, and I definitely will be making future purchases at the affordable online retailer. 
What I'mWearing:  Kim Off The Shoulder Midi Dress via BooHoo/Steve Madden Sandals/Ann Taylor and Talbot's Bracelets/Banana Republic Clutch (old)/Target Earrings
So Dolls, I want to know, have you ever had a BooHoo shopping experience and what was it like?