June 23, 2015

:::Leopard, a Neutral:::

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well with you.  This month is moving along rather quickly and I am so happy about it.  Hey, the faster June moves, the closer we are to my birthday, LOL!! Anyhoo Dolls, today I'm rocking a more casual look with a fashion staple: Leopard Print.  If you're anything like me, by now you have truly accepted leopard print as a neutral wardrobe staple. I am continuously adding leopard pieces to my wardrobe and at this point I have just about one (or two, maybe three) item for every article of clothes except a blazer and a pencil skirt.  Since I see these as staple pieces, I'm definitely taking my time to find pieces of quality. 
I took it easy with this look because I wanted to be casual.  I like these pants because you can dress them up or down and today I dressed them down to keep it comfy.
What I'm Wearing:  Happening In The Present Blouse/Love Tree Pants/Necklace via Hawaii Flea Market/Random Earrings and Bracelets/Nine West Open Toed Booties
Dolls, how do you feel about leopard print as a neutral?  Do you agree or disagree? I know some people like to rock leopard print pretty muted because they feel like it boldly stands alone.  But I for one feel like you can pump it up or tone it down.  How do you rock Leopard? 

June 22, 2015

June Rocksbox!

Hey Dolls!!

So you know back in April I received my very first RocksBox, right?  It came right on time too, because I was able to wear that fabulous Perry Street "Avery" statement necklace to the Inagural Bloggers' Ball. It was perfect with my dress.  Well Dolls, I recently received a new Rocksbox and I'm excited to show you all what I received this go round.  Check it out.
This month my Rocksbox includes a gorgeous set of Ashiana London Two Stone Drop Earrings in Amethyst and Aqua, A TeePee Triangle Necklace in White by House of Harlow, and a Gorjana "Laurel" Bangle, which I have to say is probably my favorite this month.
I have to say Dolls, Rocksbox does a pretty good job with their selections.  I have been pleased with the two boxes I have received so far and like I said before I'm an accessory lover.  Imust admit I have been dying to get my hands on some House of Harlow pieces.  The pleasure that Rocksbox provides with a new arrival every month is such a joy.  Be sure to check them out Dolls and share your Rocksbox treats with me.  

June 15, 2015

Dressing Tribal

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well with you.  I have been keeping myself pretty busy these days.  Work and working out is consuming most of my time and energy, however I still have to continue to find time to blog because it brings me such joy.  Today I'm rocking a cute little tribal print dress I purchased a while ago.  I don't know about you Dolls, but whenever I want something easy with flare to dress in quickly, my go-to has been a printed dress.  The things I love about dresses is they are easy to wear, versatile to style, and provide maximum style with minimum effort.  You can't beat that even if you tried!
I feel like even with a printed dress you can expand the versatility of it.  Remember Dolls, have fun with your clothes and get the most bang for your buck.  I know some seem to get bogged down with a printed piece, because prints can be overwhelming and stand alone. However, try your best to accessorize them differently each time you wear them.  One of the easiest ways is to think about how to style printed pieces is to style them in a different way for each of the four seasons.  This will force you to get the most out of a printed piece as season's require and allow for style changes.
What I'm Wearing:  ing Dress/TopShop Necklace/Random Pearl Studs/Louis Vuitton Speedy/Juicy Couture Pumps
So Dolls, I hope my little tidbits about styling printed pieces will help any of you that are struggling with that particular fashion dilemma.  Its a fairly easy solution.  If you have any other suggestions on how to get the most out of printed pieces, feel free to share them below. 

June 9, 2015

Celebrity Men's Style File - Andre Iguodala

Hey Dolls!!

So today's post is out of a combination necessity for the blog and by request from some of my male followers.  It has been far too long that a post dedicated to Men's Fashion has graced What's More Important Than Fashion? and today...the wait is over!  In the same fashion as one of my favorite Men's Fashion posts previously seen here, I am combining two of my favoite things:  Fashion and NBA Basketball. 
Dolls, if you follow NBA Basketball, you know that now we are in the thick of the NBA Finals and this year's two competing teams are The Golden State Warriors and The Cleveland Cavaliers.  Sadly, my Lakers did not make it this year, but I digress.  We'll be back though, you can count on that.  LAKESHOW for Life!  Sorry Dolls, I couldn't resist.  Anyhoo, it has come to my attention recently that Golden State Warrior, Small Forward Andre Iguodala is quite the Fashion Connoisseur.
With the help of his Stylist, Kesha McLeod, Andre has quickly become one of the NBA's Best Dressed Men.  Being of NBA body and stature, Andre seeks to provide 3 nuggets of advice for tall guys and they are:  Be Subtle, Find A Tailor, and Buy Timeless Pieces.  I couldn't agree more.  If you aren't too familiar with the fashionable baller, have no fear I plan to give you a glimpse into Andre's life via his personal style.
Andre has been fresh since he was a kid
Not only does Andre have a natural allure for fashion, he is aligining up a post-NBA career deeply rooted in the Fashion Industry.  In fact in March of 2015 Andre landed an impressive Fashion gig with online luxury fashion reseller "Twice" as their Menswear Style Director.  As Menswear Style Director, Andre will curate collections, create seasonal lookbooks, and be featured in interactive videos from his own personal closet providing Twice customers with details on how the luxury online reseller works! This is a major feat because Twice just launched their Menswear Section in January and to have an NBA Star of Iguodala's caliber on board is amazing.  What a perfect combination of two of Andre's off-the-court loves:  Fashion and E-Commerce.  Love it!
Not one to be stingy with his style, Andre is turning his son Andre II into a budding Fashion Enthusiast as well.  Often seen with Andre before and after games, this kid's style is definitely on point and he's just as well versed in his brand selections as his dad.
In the here and now, I'm sure that Andre is primarily focused on winning the NBA Title with his Golden State Warrior Teammates.  The good part about that is, during his NBA Play-Off and Finals run Andre blessed us with the diversity in his style choices before and after every game.  He is definitely one of the players whose style I check for as they enter the arena.  I'm happy that after the season is over, us Fashion Lovers will get a closer glimpse into Andre's Fashion Career with Twice and the remainder of his fashionable journey.  Stay Fly Andre and keep gracing us with your phenomenal style on and off the court!  If you want to learn more about Andre Iguodala and his love for fashion and e-commerce be sure to visit his website www.mindofai9.com for updates.

June 8, 2015


Hey Dolls!!

We are in full bloom for the month of June.  The month is moving along quite nicely so far, but I have to say I'm ready for it to be over already.  Now Dolls, I have nothing against the month of June whatsoever. I'm just trying to rush it away for my own selfish reasons.  The biggest reason being that I am getting my life and snatching it back, and the months of May and now June have proven to be very challenging for me with the strict meal plan and exercise regimen I'm on and I am dying for a cheat day.  It's my own fault, because for a while there I was just enjoying food and my couch a little too much.  So much so that I couldn't fit into most of the items in my wardrobe.  That has been the reason for the lack of outfit posts on What's More Important Than Fashion?  But, I chose to turn it around, because it was necessary and Dolls I refuse to start shopping for clothes in the next size due to laziness!!  So I got my but in gear to stay in gear and rock my gear, ok that was corny but so true!  LOL!  I just had to let you in on a little bit of what's happening with me, but I know you don't come here for the random ramblings about my life, you are here for all things Fashionable and Financial, right.  So check out today's look and the details.
What I'm Wearing:  Thrfited Blouse/MNG Mango Pants/Versona Accessories Earrings/BCBG Pumps/Private Eye Sunnies/Ring via Random Boutique in Hawaii
Well Dolls, I hope you allenjoyed today's look. And listen feel free to check back on my fitness progress.  I'm not going to be fully documenting it here, but I'm hoping you can tell by the way my clothes fit and of course the frequency of my posts.
I know one thing, I can't wait until July 5th.  That is a cheat day I definitely will have earned and then its right back to business, because eating properly and regular exercise is a lifestyle not a quick fix.  But a girl (like me) has to have her indulgences. Unitl next time Dolls!!