June 8, 2015


Hey Dolls!!

We are in full bloom for the month of June.  The month is moving along quite nicely so far, but I have to say I'm ready for it to be over already.  Now Dolls, I have nothing against the month of June whatsoever. I'm just trying to rush it away for my own selfish reasons.  The biggest reason being that I am getting my life and snatching it back, and the months of May and now June have proven to be very challenging for me with the strict meal plan and exercise regimen I'm on and I am dying for a cheat day.  It's my own fault, because for a while there I was just enjoying food and my couch a little too much.  So much so that I couldn't fit into most of the items in my wardrobe.  That has been the reason for the lack of outfit posts on What's More Important Than Fashion?  But, I chose to turn it around, because it was necessary and Dolls I refuse to start shopping for clothes in the next size due to laziness!!  So I got my but in gear to stay in gear and rock my gear, ok that was corny but so true!  LOL!  I just had to let you in on a little bit of what's happening with me, but I know you don't come here for the random ramblings about my life, you are here for all things Fashionable and Financial, right.  So check out today's look and the details.
What I'm Wearing:  Thrfited Blouse/MNG Mango Pants/Versona Accessories Earrings/BCBG Pumps/Private Eye Sunnies/Ring via Random Boutique in Hawaii
Well Dolls, I hope you allenjoyed today's look. And listen feel free to check back on my fitness progress.  I'm not going to be fully documenting it here, but I'm hoping you can tell by the way my clothes fit and of course the frequency of my posts.
I know one thing, I can't wait until July 5th.  That is a cheat day I definitely will have earned and then its right back to business, because eating properly and regular exercise is a lifestyle not a quick fix.  But a girl (like me) has to have her indulgences. Unitl next time Dolls!!


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