June 9, 2015

Celebrity Men's Style File - Andre Iguodala

Hey Dolls!!

So today's post is out of a combination necessity for the blog and by request from some of my male followers.  It has been far too long that a post dedicated to Men's Fashion has graced What's More Important Than Fashion? and today...the wait is over!  In the same fashion as one of my favorite Men's Fashion posts previously seen here, I am combining two of my favoite things:  Fashion and NBA Basketball. 
Dolls, if you follow NBA Basketball, you know that now we are in the thick of the NBA Finals and this year's two competing teams are The Golden State Warriors and The Cleveland Cavaliers.  Sadly, my Lakers did not make it this year, but I digress.  We'll be back though, you can count on that.  LAKESHOW for Life!  Sorry Dolls, I couldn't resist.  Anyhoo, it has come to my attention recently that Golden State Warrior, Small Forward Andre Iguodala is quite the Fashion Connoisseur.
With the help of his Stylist, Kesha McLeod, Andre has quickly become one of the NBA's Best Dressed Men.  Being of NBA body and stature, Andre seeks to provide 3 nuggets of advice for tall guys and they are:  Be Subtle, Find A Tailor, and Buy Timeless Pieces.  I couldn't agree more.  If you aren't too familiar with the fashionable baller, have no fear I plan to give you a glimpse into Andre's life via his personal style.
Andre has been fresh since he was a kid
Not only does Andre have a natural allure for fashion, he is aligining up a post-NBA career deeply rooted in the Fashion Industry.  In fact in March of 2015 Andre landed an impressive Fashion gig with online luxury fashion reseller "Twice" as their Menswear Style Director.  As Menswear Style Director, Andre will curate collections, create seasonal lookbooks, and be featured in interactive videos from his own personal closet providing Twice customers with details on how the luxury online reseller works! This is a major feat because Twice just launched their Menswear Section in January and to have an NBA Star of Iguodala's caliber on board is amazing.  What a perfect combination of two of Andre's off-the-court loves:  Fashion and E-Commerce.  Love it!
Not one to be stingy with his style, Andre is turning his son Andre II into a budding Fashion Enthusiast as well.  Often seen with Andre before and after games, this kid's style is definitely on point and he's just as well versed in his brand selections as his dad.
In the here and now, I'm sure that Andre is primarily focused on winning the NBA Title with his Golden State Warrior Teammates.  The good part about that is, during his NBA Play-Off and Finals run Andre blessed us with the diversity in his style choices before and after every game.  He is definitely one of the players whose style I check for as they enter the arena.  I'm happy that after the season is over, us Fashion Lovers will get a closer glimpse into Andre's Fashion Career with Twice and the remainder of his fashionable journey.  Stay Fly Andre and keep gracing us with your phenomenal style on and off the court!  If you want to learn more about Andre Iguodala and his love for fashion and e-commerce be sure to visit his website www.mindofai9.com for updates.


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