June 23, 2015

:::Leopard, a Neutral:::

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well with you.  This month is moving along rather quickly and I am so happy about it.  Hey, the faster June moves, the closer we are to my birthday, LOL!! Anyhoo Dolls, today I'm rocking a more casual look with a fashion staple: Leopard Print.  If you're anything like me, by now you have truly accepted leopard print as a neutral wardrobe staple. I am continuously adding leopard pieces to my wardrobe and at this point I have just about one (or two, maybe three) item for every article of clothes except a blazer and a pencil skirt.  Since I see these as staple pieces, I'm definitely taking my time to find pieces of quality. 
I took it easy with this look because I wanted to be casual.  I like these pants because you can dress them up or down and today I dressed them down to keep it comfy.
What I'm Wearing:  Happening In The Present Blouse/Love Tree Pants/Necklace via Hawaii Flea Market/Random Earrings and Bracelets/Nine West Open Toed Booties
Dolls, how do you feel about leopard print as a neutral?  Do you agree or disagree? I know some people like to rock leopard print pretty muted because they feel like it boldly stands alone.  But I for one feel like you can pump it up or tone it down.  How do you rock Leopard? 


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