November 17, 2015

Fashionable Classic

Hey Dolls!!

Are you a fan of "American Classics", Fashionable American Classics that is.  In my mind, Ralph Lauren definitely a "Fashionable American Classic."  I recently watched a documentary about how Ralph Lauren built his empire and it was nothing short inspiring.  Fashion is all about owning who you are, taking risks along the way, and turning that into magic.  
This Ralph Lauren Blazer that I'm wearing is a piece that will be in my closet FOREVER, I'm not joking Dolls!  This is one of those pieces that will stand the test of time and will NEVER go out of style.  Before I actually found it, I had been looking for one quite some time, so when I spotted this baby at my local TJMaxx I couldn't leave the store without it.  
What I'm Wearing:  Ralph Lauren Blazer/Liz Claiborne Blouse/Ann Taylor Trousers/Dolce Vita Pumps/Beauty Supply Earrings/Ring via Burlington Coat Factory/Forever 21 Necklace/Phillip Lim for Target Bag
So Dolls, I want to know what pieces you consider to be Fashionable American Classics and how you incorporate them into your wardrobe.  I know this Blazer is something that I can rock in so many ways forever and ever.  I must say that is one of the things that make it so great.  I for one am a big fan of mixing classics with trendy items o give them new life.  So get used to this Ralph Lauren Blazer cause its here to stay.

November 12, 2015

Layering Paisley

Hey Dolls!!

So I am happy to report that Tampa has cooled off just a bit,  and you know for me that makes me a happy fashionista!  I mean it's not totally cool, but the weather has allowed me to pull a few more things out of the closet.  Today I'm sporting this adorable paisley printed jacket I found last year while thrifting.   I definitely feel like I can get quite a bit of use out of this piece here so I had to have it. 
What I'm Wearing: Thrifted Coat/White House Black Market Blouse/Target Pants & Earrings/Ring (old)/Forever 21 Sandals/Rafe New York Bag
What I love about this coat is its versatility.  This coat is very lightweight which makes it a wonderful layering piece. With layering, the opportunities to reinvent this piece are plentiful.  I'm excited! 

Well,  that's it for today Dolls, I'd love to hear what pieces you are looking forward to layering this Fall.  Let me know. 

November 10, 2015

Summer in November

Hey Dolls!!

I know it has been quite sometime since I have blogged, and I’m happy to be finally back at it Dolls! 
Currently here in Tampa we are having some record breaking temperatures for this time of year.  Of all my years of living in this city I have never experienced nearly 100 degree weather in the month of
November.  No joke, it was 96 degrees this weekend.  So not only does that create a roadblock for me wearing some Fall looks, it’s just extremely HOT in general to even go outdoors and take pictures of my OOTD’s period.
As I keep up with the Fashion Industry and definitely the trends, I feel so weird posting pictures in my Spring/Summer clothes when the majority of the country is knee deep in Fabulous Fall attire.  In due time, I will hopefully be able to join you guys.  However for now, I hope you can enjoy my “off season” fashion cause baby it’s HOT outside!
What I'm Wearing:  Forever 21 Fedora/H&M Shirt (boy's section)/J.Crew Shorts (thrifted)/G.H. Bass Oxfords/Rocawear Sunnies/Forever 21 & Juicy Couture Necklaces/Thrifted Earrings & Bracelet/Random Ring
Happy November Dolls!!