December 16, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Small Business Edition

Hey Dolls!!

Well looky looky, Christmas has just crept its way in.  I can’t believe that we are right around the corner from Christmas and 2016!  Well ready or not, here they both come. For you all, I’d like to offer some of my favorite suggestions for gift giving during this Holiday Season.  I tried my best to provide an offering that has at least one thing for somebody on your list.  This year, my approach is to make an effort to support the Small Business as much as possible during the Holidays.  This is a new personal preference of mine.  In fact, one of my 2016 goals is to make at least one purchase per month from a small business.  I love the uniqueness and personalization that comes along with a purchase from a small business.  In my experience, most items stand out and people can’t help but ask “Where’d you get that?”   So here we are Dolls, get into this 2015 Holiday Gift Guide What’s More Important Than Fashion Style – Small Business Edition. 

Grand Frank Ties – Tie and lapel pin combos have been pretty popular for the past few years.  This Swedish Start up launched in 2014 by Erik Bergstrom and his colleague Sebastian with the dapper dresser in mind.  Grand Frank offers an appealing collection of Tie and lapel combos sure to please the Modern Gentleman on your Christmas list.

6th&Madison Brogues – Growing up, every girl in my family had a pair of these shoes, and out of nowhere they vanished from the marketplace.  Well, that is until6th&Madison launched earlier this year. This shoe line was inspired by the owners desire to find traditional style shoes for her daughter, Madison. She wanted to replicate the style and grace her mother instilled in her.  These pink soled shoes will give young fashionistas around the world vintage style with a modern twist. If you have a budding fashionista in your life, give her a surge of girl power with a pair of 6th&Madison brogues! 
Power Cube – Nowadays, everyone has some type of device they transport everywhere, from phones, to tablets, to laptops.  No matter what brand is your preference battery life is a common denominator.  Enter the Power Cube, the perfect gift for the “Creative On The Go”, and hey I’m going to go ahead and be bias and say, “The Blogger”, LOL!  The Power Cube by Allocacoc is not a power socket, but a power solution, providing consumers with the freedom to work wherever it is the most convenient.
Wilson Connected Basketball – Alright Dolls, I broke the rules with this one.  This is not a Small Business gift, but hey it is unique nonetheless.  We have all heard the term, “Work Smart, Not Hard”, right…well Wilson is taking it to another level for basketball lovers with the world's first attachment-free smart basketball with revolutionary Make/Miss Technology inside to track shooting stats, gamify training, and make you a clutch shooter anytime, anywhere.  The connected ball pairs with the Wilson X App to track shooting percentages and range as you shoot your way through four addicting game modes, that way you can analyze the data and improve your game.
Clair Cardigan – If you’re in the market for attractive, versatile and trend-setting college apparel for the Collegiate or Alumni on your Christmas list, the Tradition Brand has got you covered.   Far beyond the basic t-shirts and sweat shirts available on the market when I was a college student, these options produce college clothing that represents the rich history and unique experiences that Colleges and Universities are known for.  A fashionable addition to any Current Collegiate or Alluring Alumni’s wardrobe. 

Personalized Coasters – A Perfect Gift for the Happy Hostess in your life.  Why not liven up her table top with a gift that is sure to be remembered.  Personalize them with your own text and photos.  Surprise your hostess with a collection of some of their favorite party moments in quotes in coaster format.  This functional and fabulous gift from Paper Culture is sure to be a hit!

Gold Label Cosmetics Lipstick in “First Class” – I recently stumbled across this brand while checking my Instagram page and I was immediately intrigued.  The beautiful gold packaging is the first thing that caught my eye to this brand started by makeup artist Kristen Elise Brown in 2012.  These lipsticks are gluten and paraben free, highly pigmented, designed to satisfy every taste level from classic to trendy!  I say they are definitely a steal at only $14 per tube.  A perfect gift for the Makeup and Beauty Muse in your life.
Amazing Grace Clutch – If you have someone on your Christmas list that loves head turning accessories, then Kashmir Thompson has the perfect gift for you! Her collection of clutches is infused with vibrant color and her delightful depictions of all of your favorites from 80s & 90s Urban Pop Culture!  A 25 year old visual artist from Cleveland who decided to take her talent to the next level in 2014 has become exceedingly popular amongst fashionable urbanistas.  Her pieces are definitely fashionable collector’s items.

eco.LOVE Wine – Looking for a gift for your self-proclaimed/budding wine connoisseur, well look no further than the eco.LOVE wine by the McBride sisters who are passionate about re-imagining the culture of wine.  The current selection includes a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a South Island Riesling, and a Marlborough Pinot Noir.  The McBride sisters are the new generation of wine N├ęgociant holding on to their motto - “We believe that everybody can be innovative and creative in their own way, eco.LOVE Wines is our way.  I for one am dying to try this wine.  To find out more about the McBride sisters story, click here, to purchase eco.LOVE wine, click here.
Nubian Skin – Not just your ordinary nude, Nubian Skin fills in the gap where other companies leave out suitable skin tone lingerie.  Birthed out of frustration by founder Ade Hassan, a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery was developed to provide the essential underwear needs of women of color.  Only a few clicks away, you will find the perfect present for the Lingerie Lover in your life. 

Veronica Marche Prints – Veronica is a freelance fashion illustrator and naturally, a lifelong lover of fashion and style!  Her artwork features women of all ethnicities and celebrates the glamour of a multicultural world.  Need a gift for someone who loves fashion infused artwork that relates to them and the women they know, then Veronica Marche is your go to girl! 
The Super Fab Financial Planner – Dolls, you know that we are all about Fashion and Finance over here, so naturally I’d find a gift to help you get your financial house in order.  This Financial Planner Authored by Millennial Money Coach Tonya Rapley was designed for those looking for a ways to organize their finances.  A thoughtful gift for a newly independent young adult or anyone who is in need of Financial management and organization. 

Well Dolls, I certainly hope this Gift Guide is beneficial to you and the people on your Christmas List.  Enjoy your Holiday Season Dolls and Have Fun Shopping!!