Hello Blogosphere! 

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m G, a 30 something lover of Fashion and Finance.

I believe that Fashion and Finance go hand in hand because Image is just as important as Financial Empowerment.
"What’s More Important Than Fashion?" was launched as a creative outlet outside of my days spent in Corporate America sitting on the cubicle farm.
I am on a quest to make the world more fashionable and financially aware.  This is a win/win for me because I get to combine the two things I love as well as help others. 
I am a complete fashion blog junkie and I finally got the nerve to create my own!  What will be featured on this blog you ask….So many things:  pictures of me and my style, features of fellow fly girls, financial tips and advice, makeovers and much more! 
I hope to connect with like-minded people who enjoy what I have to offer as well as influence and challenge me and my style.  
Love You for Following!